Kariné Kadiyska
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Mixed Media

Flower, 2006

Bride II, 2016

Curve, 2017

Wedding Dress, 2012

Bride, 2016

Death Bed, 2012

Portrait, 2012

Mother's Necklace, 2014

Face to Face , 2013

Self-Portrait, 2013

Waterfall, 2013

Spirit 3, in progress, 2012
22" x 20" x 11"
"Death, so called, is but older matter dressed In some new form. And in a varied vest, From tenement to tenement though tossed, The soul is still the same, the figure only lost." Poem on Pythagoras, Dryden’s Ovid.

This body of work deals with absence and presence, life and death, as well as an emotional quietude and contemplation resulted from the loss of the figure. For example, "Conversation" is a one way conversation. Some themes may be dark, but the color (or lack thereof,) materials used, and overall execution are light. The work suggests the presence of the soul - very delicate, soft, and calm - in the absence of the physical body, such as in "Portrait," thus inviting reflective thoughts on life after death.


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